So you’re going on vacation but you often struggle packing for your trip. You’re sick of the ‘dragging around a massive suitcase’ type of lifestyle. And I mean, I don’t blame you! It’s time for change! I’ll help ya:

Plan Your Outfits

12 sweaters and 4 pairs of track pants? How long are you gone for? Think about your bulky items and try to limit those. Wear a big sweater to the airport, avoid taking up extra space in that suitcase. Figure out what you think you’re going to wear, and if you can wash/wear an outfit more than once. Clothes are the major part of your packing, and if you can think ahead, you’ll be all that much more successful.

Choose Your Shoes

Do you really need 6 pairs of shoes? I mean…I suppose it depends on the person. But I think not! That used to be me, and I’m so grateful I’ve changed those ways. Bring your essentials. Footwear doesn’t have to be that complicated. I’d recommend a pair of running/walking shoes you’re really comfortable in, a pair of decent flats, and perhaps small sandals that flatten down easily. Of course if you’re travelling somewhere chilly, you may need boots — in that case, wear them to the airport, don’t pack them & take up your space!

Liquids of Choice

If you’re packing light, you’re ideally looking at taking a carry-on bag only. With that being said, you can only have a certain number of liquids with you. Each liquid bottle can be no more than 100ML (which is around 3.4OZ). Along with that, you can only have as many as can fit into a 1 litre (1 quart) clear, closed, resealable bag. The agents through customs are very strict with this depending on where you are, so be on top of this. My recommendation is to take travel size versions of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, perfume, makeup, toothpaste, whatever you personally need and can fit! Everyone is different here. Just keep in mind you’ll need to take this bag out when going through airport security typically, so have it accessible.

Pack Snacks

Yes, you read that right. PACK SNACKS! Why? Because snacks…that’s why. But also, because if you travel then eat your snacks along the way, you now have space that’s freed up in that bag of yours. Now if you need to, you can purchase those little travel souvenirs AND have space to bring them home! I’m not saying pack your whole suitcase with snacks…but think wisely here.

Think About Jewelry

If you’re flying, you actually have to keep in mind the weight of your bag too. Technically, if it’s over 18lbs (8kg) — for most airlines — they can tell you to check it in, and potentially even charge you for it. I’m not saying they will, but better to be fairly safe here. Jewelry weighs a lot! It can take up too much room, get super tangled, and are you really going to wear 14 pairs of earrings, 6 necklaces, and 7 bracelets on your 6 day trip? Probably not. Bring what you need and avoid the extra weight, too! Flexible pieces, friends!

Roll Your Clothes

Fit as many of those shirts you can get in there! Rolling your clothes helps keep you organized, fill most of those tight spaces in your suitcase, and overall just works better than folding in my opinion. Some people also prefer using packing cubes, which could also be a decent option. Then, throw shoes in around the sides of that suitcase too and you’re good to go!

There are endless tips to packing light and travelling carry-on style, but we’ll leave it at here for now! Hopefully this helps you start living that lighter travel lifestyle. 🙂

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