Are you going somewhere hot and sunny? Maybe with some beautiful blue skies and palm trees? Can you hear the sound of the ocean? I’ll stop here otherwise I’ll leave this laptop and be on the next flight out too! I’m here to help you pack for said trip. Here’s a list of things I’ve come up with for you:


I’m just going to start here because so many people forget these somehow! You’re focused on all of your outfits and you forgot about your eyes. Avoid that forever-squinting vacation and bring some sunnies with you!


Yes, this is one you hear a lot. Some people roll their eyes, and for others it’s the first thing in their suitcase. Your skin is important though and is it really worth the burns that make you so uncomfortable that you can’t even sleep? It’s happened to all of us. Get ahead of it.

Aloe Vera

So after the sunscreen I thought…aloe vera. Odds are, you’ll probably get a burn of some sort on your trip and you’ll want this soothing goodness! Pack it, thank me later.


On this one, to each their own. Some people thrive in hats, others hate them. Could be a ball cap, sun hat, visor, hey — whatever floats your boat here.

Swim Suits

You knew I’d get to it. Odds are, you didn’t forget these. Or at least I hope you didn’t. Think about how many you need though. You’re there for a week — do you need 14? Maybe. To each their own.

Flip Flops

I’m sorry if you forget these. If you did, you should’ve read this list before you left! Too bad.

Sun Dresses

Find some of these that are beautiful but easy to wear in multiple situations. You could wear it to go for a walk in the morning, but also to dinner if needed. Options, always have options!


Yes, I said it. How many of you actually forget toothpaste or a toothbrush? Currently shaking my head.


Ladies, it’s your call but if you shave your legs and need this while away, do not forget it! Nobody wants the gorilla girlfriend. Ha. Haha.

Lip Balm

Maybe you think this doesn’t apply to you. I’d suggest it anyway. It’s so small. Also, if you’re flying to your destination, planes are often super dry and you may wish you had it with you!

Pens and Paper

Seems silly to many. But there are random times you need a pen for things. For example, landing in a country and filling out an immigration form, or just simply leaving a note for someone. If not paper, at least bring a couple of pens.

Proper Currency

If the country you’re going to doesn’t use the same currency, be on top of it! Not everybody takes ‘your money’. Don’t be arrogant. Do your research. Exchange it where smart.


It sucks if you forget these. On a plane, on the beach, sitting by the pool, in transit…they’re helpful. Not for everyone but what if you wanted to listen to music or a podcast or audio book? Think about it.

There are of course many many more items to add here, however I’ll leave it at this to start you off for now. Have a lovely trip! 🙂


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